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Violence Against Women Groups

The VAW groups are designed to help women who are survivors of emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.

It helps women…

  • Grow in their understanding of their right to be physically and emotionally safe
  • Build self-esteem
  • Recognize warning signs of abuse
  • Make positive relationship choices
  • Empower themselves to set healthy boundaries
  • Overcome the negative impact that abuse in past relationships can have on trust and intimacy in current relationships
  • Learn to deal with conflict and anger
  • Reduce or eliminate nightmares and flashbacks of abuse
  • And much more….

Women Initiating New Growth in Self – Esteem

women, self esteem

Goal: To help women free themselves from the impact that abuse has had on their self-esteem.

  • Learning more about who you are
  • Self acceptance
  • Nurturing yourself
  • Using affirmation and positive self-talk to rebuild self-esteem
  • Celebrating your accomplishments and abilities
  • Setting boundaries to protect your self-esteem

Soaring above the Turbulence: Learning to Deal with Conflict and Anger

learning to deal with conflict

Goal: To empower survivors of abuse to deal with conflict and anger in effective ways

  • Assertiveness
  • Ways to overcome obstacles to assertiveness
  • The functions of anger
  • Ways to calm down
  • Constructive solutions for problems that are fueling anger
  • Steps to empowerment
  • Letting go of anger that is no longer useful

Flying together in Healthy Relationships

healthy relationships

Goal: To provide information that will empower them to make healthy relationship choices.

To support survivors of abuse in past relationships in their efforts to build healthy relationships in the present.

  • Difference between abusive and healthy relationships
  • Rights in relationships
  • What to look for when trying to choose a non-abusive partner
  • Research on what builds relationships vs. what destroys relationships
  • Ways to put relationship-building skills into practice in non-abusive relationships

These group programs are FREE, but registration in advance is required.
For more information or to register, see our Women’s Calendar.