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Debt Repayment Program

This program is designed for people who cannot realistically afford to pay their creditors’ required monthly payments. We will negotiate with your creditors and try to get your payments reduced. Our goal is to have your debts repaid in four years or less. Many creditors will help you to achieve this goal by reducing or eliminating your interest and accepting lower payments every month.

You will be asked to make one payment to us and we will disburse the money, on your behalf, directly to your creditors. Creditor support for this program is very high as they believe in our assessment skills and know that our debt repayment programs work well for both you and the creditor.

The end result is that you are able to pay your creditors back, you do not have to declare bankruptcy, and you will have enough money to adequately cover all of your necessary living expenses. Clients report that their stress levels drop dramatically after entering a repayment program and that their sense of wellbeing is restored.


Help To Resolve Creditor Problems

Your counsellor can contact a creditor with whom you are experiencing problems to negotiate a successful resolution on your behalf.

Money Management / Budget Counselling

Most people are not born with the ability to manage money effectively. Managing money is a skill and, like most skills, it requires learning and practice.

Your counsellor can assist you in developing the skills to:

  • plan for the future
  • set financial goals
  • develop a way to track where all your money goes
  • develop a realistic budget
  • develop a savings plan
  • learn how to use credit wisely

This entire process is individualized and is based upon your needs and goals.


Other Solutions

If the above programs are not appropriate to resolve your problem, we will help you to identify other possible solutions. We can discuss the effects of a bankruptcy, of court action, collection agencies, credit rating, or any other area that may be applicable. In each circumstance we can help to explain what rights you and your creditors have, and what the implications will be for you. We will then give you any needed direction to help you navigate the often confusing areas of personal finance.


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