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Behaviour Consultation

Removing Barriers to Independence and Inclusion

The primary goal of behaviour consultation is to better understand why someone may be expressing their needs through challenging behaviour and to create an effective plan to support these needs in a more positive way, to achieve independence, connections and opportunities in their community.

Our program focuses on how to support positive behaviour through:

  • Consistency and/or coordination between key stakeholders (home, school, workplace and community)
  • Encouraging and reinforcing new skills
  • Providing a supportive environment
  • Teaching/modeling the behaviour you want to see
  • Being proactive


Following a comprehensive assessment, we assist you in developing an individualized plan which builds on everyone’s strengths and capabilities. This may include:

  • developing strategies when situations escalate or reach crisis
  • adapting the environment
  • facilitating other support service connections and referrals
  • building or enhancing skills
  • specific training for key support people

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Behaviour Clinic

behaviour clinic

For those in need of brief support (1-3 sessions), we offer a Behaviour Clinic that reviews existing initiatives and focuses on achieving short-term goals. An abbreviated form of the Behaviour Consultation model is used.

Typically, people with limited time and resources, who are unable to engage in the more intense commitment of behaviour consultation, may find the clinic more appropriate for their needs. Also, people with an existing Behaviour Support Plan can use the clinic to review and refine the plan if the behaviours are relatively unchanged and relatively minor in nature. “Flow” to other services within HBBS are possible when appropriate but the clinic is not a way to ‘fast-track’ services.

Referrals for clinics for adults are made directly through Development Services Ontario Hamilton-Niagara Region
Call: 1-877-376-4674 or Email:

Referrals for clinics for children are made directly through Contact Brant
Call: 519- 758-8228 or Email: